World Champs began with smiles

Helsinki Ice Hall was buzzing before the preliminary day of Aesthetic Group Gymnastic World Championships. A queue was formed at the doors and the lobby was crowded with smiling faces, splashes of glitter, and blue and white flags.

Amongs the people lining up at the doors were two friends from Kotka. Aada Mussalo and Aino Koskivirta had both blue and white Minnie ears when they entered Helsinki Ice Hall just before the Opening Ceremony of AGG Helsinki 2017. The World Championships in Helsinki weren’t the first ones for the girls, since they visited also Lahti in 2013.

“We are cheering for all Finnish teams but especially we love Minetit.”

 Both Mussalo and Koskivirta had also their own background in AGG from Kotkan Kiri and Kotkan Naisvoimistelijat.

Jyväskylän Naisvoimistelijat’s Auria team travelled to Helsinki with the whole team. Anni Laiho, Jenna Kinnunen, Elina Sihvonen, Elma Kunttu, Veera Salokoski, Katriina Luoto and Venla Siitari told that they had spent already over 8 years training AGG.

”We cheer for Sirius because it’s from the same club as we are. Of course we want all the best for other Finnish teams as well.”

Text: Liina-Maija Rummukainen
Photos: Juuso Taskinen