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The Finnish Gymnastics Federation

The Finnish Gymnastics Federation (Suomen Voimisteluliitto in Finnish) has around 323 member clubs and 119 000 members. It is among the biggest sports federations in Finland and the biggest sports organization in the country for adult activities as well as the biggest sports motivator for Finnish girls and adults.

The Federation also has a strong role as an educator: around 4 000 coaches, instructors and club leaders participate in Finnish Gymnastics Federation’s training programmes each year.

Competitive gymnasts in Finland represent eight different sports: Acrobatic Gymnastics, Aerobic Gymnastics, Aesthetic Group Gymnastics, Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, TeamGym and Trampolining.

The President of the Finnish Gymnastics Federation is Ms. Mira Keränen and the Secretary General is Ms. Maria Laakso.

Next four years, 2021-2024, we will work to create More traction to childrens’ gymnastics – the future of gymnastics in Finland.


We encourage everyone to find their own way to be physically active. There is a high-quality club for everyone where you can learn and practise gymnastics without sacrificing joy and the thrill of success. Each person can participate with their own goal in mind, all the way from having a hobby to being a top athlete.

In gymnastics, the enthusiasm for the sport is visible and can be heard. It inspires and influences the world around us and other people, both locally and nationally.


Gymnastics promotes vitality throughout life offering inspiring exercise from hobby to top athlete level in good company.

The Finnish Gymnastics Federation realizes its aim by supporting the gymnastics activities and voluntary work of the clubs.



My responsibility
Our responsibility
Responsibility of the community


Excelling ourselves
Reaching our goals
The will to develop and lead the way


Accepting everyone as they are


Joy, enthusiasm and inspiration
Pride in ourselves
An atmosphere of collaboration


Finnish Gymnastics Federation
Valimotie 10
00380 Helsinki, Finland

President Ms Mira Keränen

Secretary General Ms Maria Laakso

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