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Start a new hobby

A versatile hobby for everyone!

Gymnastics is versatile sport that provides challenges and exciting experiences to both elite athletes and hobbyists who attend practices once a week. Find your own way of engaging in gymnastics!

A hobby for children and young people

Gymnastics provides children and young people with a strong and versatile foundation for a physically active life. Gymnastics clubs get children excited for sports and provide high-quality instruction, coaching and experiences of achievement together with the group.

A hobby for special-needs groups

Gymnastics also increases the well-being of people with special needs. Special-needs gymnasts can get involved in hobby groups and even progress to the competitive level. Many clubs provide hobby opportunities for special groups as well as open groups that are suitable for everyone.

A hobby for adults and seniors

In gymnastics clubs, adults too can enjoy the joy of motion and physical activity! Get involved – improve your fitness, mobility and coordination. Clear day-to-day worries from your mind and meet new people. You can participate on many levels; attend once a week or join a group that practices regularly.