Saturday offered glitter, emotions and loud roars

Saturday’s preliminaries started with an Opening Ceremony. The opening speeches were held by Director Ministry of Education and Culture, division for Sport Ms. Tiina Kivisaari and IFAGG President Ms. Tatiana Miroshnychenko.

Tiina Kivisaari pointed out that AGG World Championships are already the third World Championships that are held this year in Finland.

“This centenary year is like a treasure chest of events and culture. Please celebrate with us in the spirit of sport and our 100 years of independence.”

Tatiana Miroshnychenko extended her greetings to everyone who is taking part in AGG World Championships.

“I would like to wish good luck to all participants, judges and enjoyable events for the audience.”

The athletes parade collected all gymnasts together to the podium. With all the glitter and glamour, the eight home teams got for sure the loudest and warmest response of them all.

Two Finnish teams into finals 

Only 12 teams achieved a place in Sunday’s finals. However, there is a quota of two teams for every country and that’s why the top 12 looks different than the actual result list. The audience got to see amazing performances one after another. Obviously, the loudest roars and claps were aimed to the Finnish teams giving all they got.  

Russian Expressia got the first place in preliminaries with a total of 19,500 points. Finnish Minetit came second with 19,450 points. Third place went to Russian team Madonna with 19,200 points.

Minetit captain Ella Ratilainen was radiating joy.

“Our focus was so strong that we didn’t hear anything to the training hall. It was super nice to perform, we got loads of strength from the audience.”

Marina Onischenko was pleased with her team’s performance.

 “It went realty well. Finnish fans cheered for us really hard. We just want to rest tonight and get more strength for tomorrow. We believe that we can win.”

The twelve teams which advanced to tomorrow’s finals are:

1. Expressia (RUS)

2. Minetit (FIN)
3. Madonna (RUS)
4. OVO Team (FIN)

5. Team Japan (JPN)
6. GC Rytmica Perfettp (EST)
7. GC Janika Diamonds (EST)

8. Ardor (ITA)
9. Ciutat de Barcelona (ESP)
10. Alcor Avangard (UKR)
11. JWCPE AGG Team (JPN)

12. Etar Elit (BUL)


The finals start on Sunday at 2 pm. 

Text: Liina-Maija Rummukainen