The Finnish Gymnastics Federation briefly in English

The Finnish Gymnastics Federation (Suomen Voimisteluliitto in Finnish) has around 374 member clubs and 130 000 members. It is among the biggest sports federations in Finland and the biggest sports organization in the country for adult activities as well as the biggest sports motivator for Finnish girls and adults.

The Federation also has a strong role as an educator: around 4000 coaches, instructors and club leaders participate in Finnish Gymnastics Federation’s training programs each year.

Competitive gymnasts in Finland represent eight different events:  Acrobatic Gymnastics, Aerobic Gymnastics, Aesthetic Group Gymnastics, Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Team Gym and Trampolining.

The President of the Finnish Gymnastics Federation is Ms. Anne Martikainen and the General Secretary is Ms. Maria Laakso.



Gymnastics - the most popular exercises and activities, together and in good company. Our goal is to be the best sports federation and get success in international and national level events.



Finnish Gymnastics Federation promotes gymnastics activities for both competitive gymnasts of various ages and those who have it as a dear hobby. Gymnastics offers exciting experiences for everyone. The Finnish Gymnastics Federation realizes its aim by supporting the gymnastics activities and voluntary work of the clubs.



Experiences and joy of gymnastics

Success - achieved through cooperation

High quality possibilities for the whole lifetime



Finnish Gymnastics Federation

Hämeentie 105 A

00550 Helsinki, Finland



President Ms Kaisa Vikkula

Secretary General Ms Maria Laakso