MM-kilpailut siirtyvät Sofiasta Budapestiin

31.1.2018 |

Joukkuevoimistelun kansainvälinen liitto IFAGG on tiedottanut MM-kilpailuiden siirtyvän kesäkuussa 2018 Bulgarian Sofiasta Unkarin Budapestiin. Alla IFAGG:n tiedote asiasta:

IFAGG Council inform you hereby about force majeure situation, why World Championships 2018 event will change place from Sofia, Bulgaria -> to Budapest, Hungary.

World Championships, Junior World Championships and IFAGG Trophy will take place in Budapest, Hungary on 7. – 10. June 2018

IFAGG Council received information from BFAGG that Bulgarian Police had asked to move our World Championships venue out from Sofia, because Bulgarian Police cannot guarantee our security. This is based that Bulgaria host European Union Presidency during next 6 months. During same weekend when we have date for IFAGG World Championships there will be EU Summit with top representatives from EU countries in Sofia. IFAGG Council took information of security matters very seriously. Also Council want to have high standard for World Championships where our gymnasts have been training hard. Unfortunately BFAGG couldn`t change the venue for Varna to avoid Sofia during summit weekend.

After analyzing this force majeure situation IFAGG Council decided to move host of World Championships to Hungarian Federation of AGG. Regarding IFAGG General Assembly 2016 (Brno, CZE) Budapest, Hungary was on 2nd place after Sofia, Bulgaria among voting World Championships 2018 (totally 6 candidates). Hungarian AGG federation gave us positive answer: they are ready to organize World Championships 2018 in Budapest during same dates 7.-10. June 2018.

In this situation LOC in Hungary need still couple days for finalize invitation with all needed details. We apologize inconvenience and thank you for you patience.

Invitation for World Championships event 7.-11. June 2018 in Budapest, Hungary will be delivered as soon as possible. Venue is planned to be BOK Sportcsarnok in Budapest center with 4-6 warm up carpets + competition carpet area and place for 3000 audience. For preliminary information LOC also planning to host children competition connected with World Championships.