Here is information about traveling to Finland. It is especially important that you acquaint yourself with these instructions if you are travelling to Finland from outside the Schengen area. 

Guidelines border traffic

If you need Covid-testing when entering Finland, you will find more information from FINENTRY which is a digital service that makes it easier to travel to Finland and manage the coronavirus testing that may be required for entry.

Local organizing committee will organize Covid testing. In order to determine the need for testing, we ask you to respond to a preliminary inquiry about the need for testing, latest 15.10. LOC will provide an antigen test. If you absolutely need a PCR test, also let us know. Costs will be informed later. 

LOC is cooperating with the authoritatives of the city of Helsinki and LOC will inform you about possible corona instructions related to the World Championships event by the end of October. Covid restrictions have been eased in Finland and all arrangements for the event are progressing as they should. If you need help with border control, please don’t hesitate to ask.