Finnish Gymnastics Federation is pleased to invite you to the 21st World Championships in Aesthetic Group Gymnastics, AGG Junior World Championships and IFAGG Trophy 2021 which will be held in Helsinki, Finland, on 18.-22.11.2021.

Finnish Gymnastics Federation
Susanna Porola

Project managers:
Anne Niemenkari-Kilpi
, phone: + 358 50 3590428 (English)
Alina Haapalainen-Kamenev, phone: +358 50 5231903 (Russian, English)

Facebook event: AGG World Championships 2021

All information considering the competition will be updated to the webpage.

Helsinki, Finland




Competition hall
Helsinki Ice Hall                                     
Nordenskiöldinkatu 11-13, 00250 Helsinki        


IFAGG rules and regulations


World Championships 3 teams/ country (4 teams/ hosting country)
Junior World Championships 3 teams/ country (4 teams/ hosting country)
Team competition and country ranking

Exception: The previous senior women World Champion group has a wild card and the right to participate in the next World Championships, if the majority of the nominated group that won the last World Championships is the same.

1day – Preliminaries – max 3 groups per country (hosting country max 4 groups)
2day – Finals – first 12 results from preliminaries – max 2 groups per country. Additional places: 1 group from each continent and 1 group from hosting country, if they were not selected from preliminaries.

IFAGG Trophy 2021 3 teams/ country
Senior mixed groups long program
Junior mixed groups long program
Senior women short program (only one competition day)
Junior women short program (only one competition day)
Senior mixed group short program (only one competition day)
Junior mixed group short program (only one competition day)

All gymnasts & coaches must have valid IFAGG license for 2021


Thursday 18.11.
Arrival of delegations
IFAGG General Assembly
Welcome meeting and draw

Friday 19.11.
Arrival of delegations
Score system education and testing for judges
Official rehearsals (after 17:00)

Saturday 20.11.
Opening Ceremony and preliminaries
Draw for finals after preliminaries
Gymnastics 125 years in Finland Gala

Sunday 21.11.
Finals and Closing Ceremony
Departure of delegations

Monday 22.11.
Departure of delegations


All entries will be made via Kisanet. Link to Kisanet page of World Championships
Teams, gymnast, coaches need to be registered to Kisanet for accreditation.

Extra accreditations

Preliminary entry 24.9.2021
Definitive entry 22.10.2021




Judges’ list will be confirmed by IFAGG. Judges’ proposals must be done on IFAGG registration via IFAGG website. IFAGG nominates and confirms judges list after due dates of judges` registration. IFAGG reserved the right to invite the judges.

Delegations will be responsible for all expenses of judges (travel costs, accommodation and transportation). Delegations will also book accommodation, meals and transportation to judges.


Please verify if a visa is required for your travel to Finland. LOC will be happy to assist each delegation member with an official invitation letter. Please verify how long visa process takes and ask invitation letter early enough. 

According to IFAGG General rules

World Championships
- A group consisting of 1-6 nominated gymnasts and a maximum of 2 coaches is 250 €/ group
- A group consisting of 7 or more nominated gymnasts and a maximum of 3 coaches is 300 € /group

IFAGG Trophy
- A group consisting of 1-6 nominated gymnasts and a maximum of 2 coaches is 150 €/ group
- A group consisting of 7 or more nominated gymnasts and a maximum of 3 coaches is 180 € /group

Sanction after missing the preliminary entry or late entry 100 EUR
Sanction after missing the definitive entry or late entry 100 EUR
Sanction for not participating after the definitive entry 100 EUR

Extra accreditations: Over the limit of Delegation numbers will be accepted with additional payments which will be confirmed later.

Points to note:
- The organizer will send you the invoice after the deadline
- The entry fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

IFAGG Code of Discipline

It’s a condition of participation in IFAGG’s activities that gymnasts and their assistants and representatives will follow the national and international doping rules. All gymnasts and their assistants and representatives are obligated to know the doping rules. The information of the prohibited substances and methods can be found on the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), www-pages. 

The Host Federation, the Organizing committee and the IFAGG will not be held responsible for any liabilities in case of accidents, illness, repatriation and the like as well as transfer/cancellation of flights, trains and other types of transport, which arose due to force majeure or COVID-19 situation.

The IFAGG Technical Regulations foresee that all the participating Delegations are responsible for making their own arrangement to have the necessary valid insurance coverage against illness, accidents and for repatriation for all the members of their Delegation.

The LOC will verify the insurance upon arrival of the delegation members (e.g. cover note of photocopy of the valid policy).

Accreditation will take place at official hotel Scandic Park and the competition hall. For accreditation team leaders are required to bring passports of all members of the delegation and proof of medical insurance of all members of the delegation.


Music will be send before the competition via Kisanet. The music files must be in mp3 format only and labelled as follows: Age category / name of the team/ country.

All payments need to be paid before the competition. Half of the payments (including accommodation, meals and transportation) are due on 30.9.2021 and the rest of payments are due on 1.11.2021. The local organizing committee will send the invoices after the preliminary entry.

Organizing committee will propose following hotels to gymnasts, judges and coaches:

Address: Mannerheimintie 46, Helsinki
1,3 kilometers to the competition hall

During 16.-23.11.

90 €/ night single room
100 €/ night double room
110 €/ night 3 persons/room
120 €/ night 4 persons/room

110 €/ night superior single room
120 €/ night superior double room

Breakfast is included.

Address: Katajanokanlaituri 7, Helsinki
4 kilometers to the competition hall, 25 minutes by public transportation (tram)

During 16.-23.11.

81 €/ night single room
91 €/ night double room
101 €/ night 3 persons/room
111 €/ night 4 persons/room

101€/ night superior single room
111 €/ night superior double room

Breakfast is included.

Accommodation can be booked directly to the hotels by e-mail or phone.
Tel: +358-300-870881
Booking codes:
Scandic Park Helsinki: 47688239
Scandic Grand Marina: 47688227
Each delegation or team will book rooms by themselves directly to the hotel before 31.10.2021. Please use given codes.

Accommodation shall be paid as per the invoice issued by the organizer. Please, take care to pay the accommodation invoice within the due date to confirm the offered accommodation conditions.

Participants are responsible for all cancellations or changes and must make them directly to the hotels. Finnish Gymnastics federation has right to invoice for all cost for non-cancelled rooms.

Participants are able to purchase a transportation from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, Helsinki Central Railway Station and harbours in Helsinki to the hotel. More information will be updated to the competition webpage.


Participants have possibility to purchase meals during 17.-21.11. Price for the lunch is 10 € / meal and dinner 10,50 €/ meal.

Meals will be served at Scandic Park hotel. Meals can be booked through the organizers. Meals shall be paid as per the invoice issued by the organizer.



24.9.2021      Preliminary entry via
Hotel, meals and transportation reservation

30.9.2021      50% of the payments
(including accommodation, meals and

22.10.2021    Definitive entry

1.11.2021      100% of the payments

Finnish Gymnastics 125 years – gala will be held on Saturday 20.11. after the preliminaries. If competitive groups are interested in performing in this gala, please contact at latest 31.8.2021.

LOC will monitor COVID situation and provide information on possible entry restrictions and COVID tests during autumn.
The competition is organized taking into account the safety of the participants and current COVID instructions of Finnish authoritative.