Official trainings are done – towards Saturday’s preliminaries


Last official trainings were held on Friday afternoon in Helsinki Ice Hall. Every team can train their program once with music.

“We are fighting for the medals. We are really excited and ready to make our dreams come true”, Finnish OVO Team’s captain Jenna Alavahtola sums up.

 Maho Fujimoto from Japanese Team Shoin has a good feeling of her team’s performance in Saturday’s preliminaries.

“I think we are going to do really good tomorrow. Today we rest and we do mental image training and just think about the music and movements.” 

Team captain Olga Romanchenko from Russian Team Expressia is ready for the weekend.

“Tonight is almost a normal training day. We practise, do warmups and everything just like before. In the evening we watch a video of the practise, listen coaches’ comments and go through some questions.”

“We just want to show everyone what we are capable of and what was our aim during this long training season. We want to perform to the audience and judges and be pleased with ourselves.” 

Marina Onischenko from Russian Team Madonna wants her team to win.

“We are going for the win, and we want to blow the audiences minds.”

Also Onischenko points out the importance of having a good rest before Saturday.

“We just go through last mistakes. The most important thing is to not have stress.”

Finnish Minetit Team was second in last year’s World Championships. Team captain Ella Ratilainen though that the practice performance was precise and good, although they were a bit nervous.

“I believe that we will get even more emotion to tomorrow’s performance so that every audience member will understand the story.”

World Championships start tomorrow at 16 o’clock with preliminaries.


Text: Liina-Maija Rummukainen