IFAGG Trophy preliminiares' win to Spain

Spanish Ritmica Cartagena took the win of IFAGG Trophy's Preliminiares with 16.150 points. The second was INEF Barcelona United from Spain with 14,600 points, and third Turkish EGE University with 8,400 points. The finals for this competition is tomorrow.

IFAGG Trophy is a competition for mixed teams meaning that both women and men can compete in a same event. Sadly, the mixed team event does not have World Championship title. Only three teams competed in IFAGG Trophy this year.

Ritmica Cartagena is a very experienced team. A group of seven gymnasts have trained over 10 years and seven of those more or less together. Ritmica Cartenaga is a reigning IFAGG Trophy winner and Spanish Champion.

INEF Barcelona United consists of 11 gymnasts. The team is mainly a university team, however, all of the gymnasts are not students anymore. The choreographers Candela Busso and Christina Escart do not think about having both women and men in their team when considering the new choreography.

The choreographies of mixed team don’t differ much from choreographies of all-women teams. Surprisingly, male gymnasts do not always lift women – quite often it is other way round. Equality is achieved at least in the way of movement.

Text: Liina-Maija Rummukainen