Gala showcases that gymnastics is for everyone

The Gala of this year’s AGG World Championships in Helsinki is held on Sunday at 6 pm.

Audience gets to witness a wide range of performances from both gymnastic amateurs and professionals.

The most famous group might be Japanese Kokushika University men’s team. Last time the group was seen in Finland was in Gymnaestrada 2015, where they charmed their way into many Finnish hearts.

However, a huge part of gymnastics is on the amateur side. The Gala gives family acrobatics and gymnastic schools a way to show what the kids can do when they have passion for the sport. The gala night is for sure a night to remember for the children, since they get to perform on the same competition carpet and event as their idols before.

Alongside Kokushika, Circus Helsinki and Finnish Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team will take the competition carpet among the others gymnastic schools and clubs.

Gala tickets are still on sale. Get yours here



Text: Liina-Maija Rummukainen