Here You can find the latest news related to AGG World Championships 2017.

Finnish Minetit went for gold

The Opening Speech was held by Finnish Gymnastics Federation (FGF) President Ms Anne Vierelä. 

“The bigger audiences the more enthusiasm the athletes have to take the floor. The differences between the top athletes are really small, that’s exciting! I wish all the best for the gymnast.”

Twelve teams of juniors and seniors competed in the final day of AGG. Sold out Helsinki Ice Hall clapped and cheered vigorously for every contestant. However, the loudest applauses of them all got the four Finnish teams OVO Team, Minetit, Ovo Jr. Team and Minetit Team Elite. 

The afternoon of the finals started with the IFAGG Trophy finals, where three mixed teams gave their best in front of Finnish audience.

Four medals to Finland

The competition format is that the points from Saturday’s preliminaries are added to Sunday’s points.

Finnish Minetit nailed it at the competition carpet and scored total of 38,90 which was enough for gold medals at home World Championships. Minetit was able to change the running order of last year, in which they lost to Expressia with the smallest gap possible.

Russian Expressia, who led after preliminaries, lost with 00,05 points to Minetit.  

The second Finnish team in finals, OVO Team, was on fourth place after preliminaries. The final performance was without mistakes – OVO Team scored total of 38,30 points taking the bronze medal to Finland.

In juniors, Finland took a double win when Minetit Elite took the gold with 38,10 points before OVO Junior Team who scored 37,45.


Text: Liina-Maija Rummukainen