Urban appeal and maritime nature in the same package


In recent years Helsinki has become one of the most interesting European capitals, where the vibrant urban culture and clean maritime nature combine to create a unique visitor experience. Helsinki offers visitors the excitement of a big city but without the stress. Its compact size is also a blessing in terms of getting about.

Located between East and West, and absorbing influences from both sides, the Finnish capital occupies its own unique cultural space. Its special appeal combines internationally renowned Finnish design, a bold and innovative culinary culture, a wide range of events and hip urban phenomena – all of which can be enjoyed against the beautiful backdrop of the sea and nature. Helsinki is indeed a dream city break destination both for nature lovers, foodies and design enthusiasts as you can experience the exciting and trendy urban culture, the breath taking views to the sea, the beautiful parks and the lure of the surrounding forests – all in one visit! Fresh and surprising. Dynamic and lively.  Enjoy the slow rhythm of urban Helsinki.


Printable map of Helsinki